A while ago I read the article Consume less, create more by TJCX. I had known for a long time that ubiquitous media consumption and constant distraction were inherently destructive, but I hadn’t discovered the cure: radical creativity.

An artist had told me years before that sometimes he spends all day sitting before his white canvas just to draw a line or two. The important thing was to produce something every day, hit a rythm, and then start coasting, and if it didn’t work out to show up the next day anyway.

This is exactly the method that GitHub’s green dots enforce. And that is why I love them. A green day is a day you put your mind to something and pushed it out. A completed thought you exposed to the world.

I have begun to think in days, not hours. The day is the time unit of the independent man. Any endeavor spanning fewer than 6 hours of consistent laboration is masturbation.

May all* your days be green.

*except Shabbat