Guides and scripts on how to create network namespaces without bullshit. No MACVLAN, no TAP, no Open vSwitch, no need to know physical interface names. Just iproute2 (built-in to all Linux distros) and a couple commands.

Network namespaces are connected to a bridge interface via veth paris. Traffic leaves the bridge interface into the default network namespace and is automatically routed via NAT. Everything, including DNS, JustWorks™

Created as notes and educational material for the upcoming nix-bitcoin network namespace refactoring.

Setup in 10 easy steps

  1. Create network namespaces

    # ip netns add namespace1
    # ip netns add namespace2
  2. Create veth pairs, these act like tubes that transport your traffic from “start” (ex. veth1) to “end” (ex. br-veth1) and vice-versa.

    # ip link add veth1 type veth peer name br-veth1
    # ip link add veth2 type veth peer name br-veth2
  3. Associate veth pair “start” (ex. veth1) with namespace

    # ip link set veth1 netns namespace1
    # ip link set veth2 netns namespace2
  4. Give veth pair “start” (ex. veth1) IPv4 address in namespace

    # ip netns exec namespace1 ip addr add dev veth1
    # ip netns exec namespace2 ip addr add dev veth2

    I like to use the 172’s for this, because they are not commonly used and therefore don’t interfere with my local network.

  5. Create bridge

    # ip link add name br1 type bridge
    # ip link set br1 up
  6. Turn everything on

    # ip link set br-veth1 up
    # ip link set br-veth2 up
    # ip netns exec namespace1 ip link set veth1 up
    # ip netns exec namespace2 ip link set veth2 up
  7. Associate veth pair “end” (ex. br-veth1) with bridge (ex. br1)

    # ip link set br-veth1 master br1
    # ip link set br-veth2 master br1
  8. Give bridge IPv4 address

    # ip addr add brd + dev br1

    If you lose your ssh connection at this point, it probably has something to with interfering with your local network.

  9. Give all namespaces default gateway route

    # ip -all netns exec ip route add default via
  10. Set up iptables and enable IPv4 ip forwarding

    # iptables \
          -t nat \
          -A POSTROUTING \
          -s \
          -j MASQUERADE
    # sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_forward=1

Usage example: bitcoind and bitcoin-cli in two different namespaces

  1. Make Tor listen on bridge address

    In /etc/tor/torrc

  2. Restart Tor

    # systemctl restart tor
  3. Edit bitcoin.conf

    Make it look something like this

  4. Start bitcoind

    # ip netns exec namespace1 sudo -u <BITCOINUSER> bitcoind
  5. Run bitcoin-cli

    # ip netns exec namespace2 sudo -u <BITCOINUSER> bitcoin-cli -rpcconnect= -getinfo


  1. Using network namespaces and a virtual switch to isolate servers by cirowrc
  2. Introducing Linux Network Namespaces by Scott Lowe
  3. Introduction to Linux interfaces for virtual networking by Red Hat
  4. Bridge vs Macvlan by Hi Cube